Learn How To Speak Spanish: Alphabet

The Spanish alphabet has thirty characters. It is important to master the pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet before you continue on your quest to learn how to speak Spanish.

As with the lessons on vowels and consonants, I’ve included a Spanish alphabet video–with sound–so that you can see and hear how the Spanish letters are spoken. Also, I’ve found the best interactive online spanish lessons on the Web–click the link, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a table of the Spanish alphabet:

Letter Name Letter Name Letter Name
a a j jota r ere
b be k ka rr erre
c ce l ele s ese
ch che ll elle t te
d de m eme u u
e e n ene v ve
f efe ñ eñe w doble v
g ge o o x equis
h hache p pe y y griega
i i q cu z zeta

Watch: Learn Spanish Alphabet Video

Learn How To Speak Spanish – Interactive Online Lessons

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