How To Learn Spanish: Numbers 1-100

First, let’s see how to spell Spanish numbers 1-100 (and zero), then we’ll discuss how to actually learn the numbers. Also, there is a video below that shows you how to pronounce numbers 1-100 in Spanish.

0 cero
1 uno
2 dos
3 tres
4 cuatro
5 cinco
6 seis
7 siete
8 ocho
9 nueve

10 diez
11 once
12 doce
13 trece
14 catorce
15 quince
16 dieciséis
17 diecisiete
18 dieciocho
19 diecinueve

20 veinte
21 veintiuno¹
22 veintidós
23 veintitrés
24 veinticuatro
25 veinticinco
26 veintiséis
27 veintisiete
28 veintiocho
29 veintinueve

30 treinta
31 treinta y uno
32 treinta y dos
33 treinta y tres
34 treinta y cuatro
35 treinta y cinco
36 treinta y seis
37 treinta y siete
38 treinta y ocho
39 treinta y nueve

40 cuarenta
41 cuarenta y uno
. ...y dos
. ...y tres
49 etc...

50 cincuenta
60 sesenta
70 setenta
80 ochenta
90 noventa
100 cien

So, how do you learn the Spanish numbers 1-100? You could create a mnemonic or story style device for memorizing the numbers. You could make flash cards–these work well for things like numbers and single words–if you need to learn the spelling.


To learn how to speak the Spanish numbers, bookmark this page and watch the video as many times as you need to, in order to commit the number sounds to memory. Then, go out and practice what you’ve learned; count your change out loud in Spanish, count how many days in a week in Spanish, months in the year, etc…

¹ 21-29 used to be spelled like this:

21 veinte y uno
22 veinte y dos
23 veinte y tres
24 veinte y cuatro
25 veinte y cinco
26 veinte y seis
27 veinte y siete
28 veinte y ocho
29 veinte y nueve

Watch: Learn Spanish Numbers 1-100 Video

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