Days and Months in Spanish

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Skip the reading and go straight to the Days and Months in Spanish Video. Although, I’ve found that reading each Spanish lesson first, helps in understanding it all.

Here are the days of the week in Spanish (los días de la semana):

lunes — Monday
martes — Tuesday
miércoles — Wednesday
jueves — Thursday
viernes — Friday
sábado — Saturday
domingo — Sunday

All of the days of the week are masculine–el lunes, el martes, etc., so I’ve left that off the list–see my lesson on Spanish noun gender for a brief explanation. When you want to say “On Saturday…” (or any other day), ‘on’ is equal to el (or los) in Spanish. For example:

El sabado voy a la playa. — On Saturday I'm going to the beach.
Los viernes no trabajamos. — On Fridays we don't work.

Perhaps you’ve noticed already that in Spanish, the days of the week are not capitalized. Something to be aware of if you want to learn how to write Spanish (or know what you’re looking at when reading Spanish).

Here are the months of the year in Spanish (los meses del año):

enero — January
febrero — February
marzo — March
abril — April
mayo — May
junio — June
julio — July
agosto — August
septiembre — September
octubre — October
noviembre — November
diciembre — December

The names of the months in Spanish are also, not capitalized.

So, what do you say if a friend asks you:

"¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?" — When is your birthday?

If it’s on Tuesday, the 18th of August, you would say:

"El martes, dieciocho de agosto." — On Tuesday, the 18th of August.

Note: The literal translation for ‘eighteenth’ (18th) is decimoctava, but I don’t think ordinal numbers are used after ‘tenth’ (décimo(a)) in Spanish–a subject for another lesson.

Here are some Spanish words I’ve presented in this lesson:

(el) día — day
(la) semana — week
(el) mes — month
(el) año — year
(el) cumpleaños — birthday

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Not too difficult, is it? Well, keep practicing, and…

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