Alex Learns Spanish

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Alex Learns Spanish

Alex Learns Spanish

My name is Alex and I created this site with a purpose: to have a place where I could review the various methodologies on how to learn Spanish and to disseminate that information to you, the reader.

You see, as a child I lived–briefly–in Yucatan, Mexico and Cuzco, Peru with my mother, who is a linguist (and will be a contributing writer to this blog). Now, I enjoy traveling to Baja, Mexico on windsurfing trips and I want to improve on my ability to speak and understand the Spanish language.

Audio and video will be used where appropriate–this is a language site, after all. So, regardless of whether you’re interested in learning Spanish–or improving what you already know–for school, business or travel, maybe I can help you get there.

Thanks for giving me some of your valuable time,


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